Where I’ve been.

I disappeared. It seems that taking four classes in Grad school is like asking for a kick in the head.

Completely. Insane.


Yeah. Now you know.

Luckily, I have survived. Spring semester is over and now all that’s standing in between me and graduation is one online course during the summer. *Can’t wait!!* (for it to be over, that is)

Anyway, while I had been dealing with loads of papers and finals, I have begun this 90 Day Challenge that I found on this wonderful, FREE, site called Blogilates.  The creator of this site, Cassey uploads videos on YouTube. She does mostly pop Pilates. Bru-tal. I started following her monthly calendars which is set up with her videos, so there’s no need to go scouring through wondering where to begin. The challenge consists of eating clean for three months ( I pretty much have a clean diet, but everyone could use a little boost!)

I’m almost at the end of the May calendar and boy has it been tough. However, I do feel stronger and I have already noticed more muscle definition in one month of working out with her videos, than I did in six months of using weights at the gym.



So there’s that. Working out and eating clean will be my life for the next couple of months. Along with that, I’ll also be printing out a gazillion resumes in hopes of getting a teaching position this fall. *Crosses fingers*


A picture is worth a thousand words…

If anyone is reading, follow along, thing’s might just get interesting. x